Custom-made stucco

Stucco and lighting coves for indirect lighting with LED strips are custom-made according to your specifications, individually pretreated, and furnished with miter cuts.


Stucco strips for indirect lighting

We tailor stucco strips and lighting coves for indirect lighting to your requirements; they are perfectly suitable for combining with LED strips due to their form. As a result from these combination possibilities, it is very easy to quickly create a pleasant indirect illumination for your living space. The installation of the stucco profiles is very easy due to their handy size and low weight.




Lighting bars for spotlights

Our lighting bars for installation of spotlights are constructed the completely same way as the lighting profiles for spotlights and are individually adjusted in width and height. The difference is the usage of the profiles only. When lighting profiles are installed along a room's wall, you may place lighting bars freely on the ceiling as their profiling runs on both sides. As the lighting bars are also very lightweight and handy, the installation is very easy as well.


Apart from our custom-made products, we also offer a wide range of standard products. Please visit our online shop at in order to see our offer.

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