Custom-made façade décor elements

Window surrounds and cornices, cap stones, eaves cornices and fascias, quoins and ornamental cladding tiles - all these elements of design and décor for exterior and interior façades can be individually designed and produced according to your specifications and requirements of shape and size.


Window surrounds and pilaster strips

Window surrounds and pilaster strips are among the most used elements of façade décor for the exterior façade. The individually tailored façade profiles are mounted around the window and are suited for restoration of old buildings as well as for insulated façades.

The window surrounds are very easily and quickly mounted and only need to be painted with the desired façade paint after completion.



Windowsill cornices

The window surrounds described above are often combined with a windowsill cornice (window ledges). These window ledges are mounted below the windowsill and are also suited for renovation of old buildings and insulation façades.

The length of a window ledge results from the clear span of the window plus the width of both window surrounds left and right (e.g. clear span: 130cms, surround width: 12cms (2x) = length of window ledge 154cms). Please observe that the used windowsill's width will have approximately 2cms overhang.



Cap stones

Another possibility to combine window surrounds and windowsill cornices presents the cap stone (sometimes center stone or header as well). The header cuts the surround above the lintel right at the center and accentuates the window by its superior position.

The cap stone mounting is very easy as well, and the center stone is painted with the desired façade paint after completion, too.



Eaves cornices

Roof or eaves cornices are also a very common element of façade décor and are mounted right below the eave on the closed lower ceiling and wall. Eave cornices are suitable for both restoration of old buildings and insulated façades.






Fascias are used to shape the exterior façade just like the previously stated eaves cornices. These basically serve to outline the individual floors of the façade. Fascias can form a visible separator between ground floor and upper floor for example.

The Fascias are mounted with very few steps. They are painted with the desired façade paint after completion as well.




Quoins are also a very common element of exterior façade décor. These are mounted at the façade's corners and present the perfect supplement for façade design with window surrounds, eaves cornices, and cap stones.

Quoins are favorable with regard to mounting in particular as they need not be glued together - as opposed to ornamental cladding tiles. The corner cladding quoins only need to be painted with the desired façade paint after mounting.


Bossenecken-Bossenplatten-Fassadenprofile (1)

Ornamental cladding tiles

Ornamental cladding tiles are used for the visual design of the façade's corners just like quoins. Ornamental cladding tiles and quoins start at the ground floor and are mounted up to the lower edge of the eaves cornice. We will gladly help in case of doubt or additional need for information.

Ornamental cladding tiles are an economic alternative to quoins as the corners need to be glued together on site. The mounting of the ornamental cladding tiles is very easy as well, and the cladding tiles are painted with the desired façade paint after completion.

We also offer a wide range of standard products in the field of façade elements.

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